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Classic Posing Academy by Francis Benfatto + Andrew Oye Makes Art With Physique Athletes

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Francis Benfatto + Andrew Oye | Classic Posing Academy | PPM Training Academy
Francis Benfatto + Andrew Oye | Classic Posing Academy | PPM Training Academy

The Benfatto Classic Posing Academy: The Gold Standard in Physique Sport and Physical Art, makes art with physique athletes.

Founded by Master Trainer, Physique Icon, and Legendary IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Francis Benfatto and his partner, Master Trainer, ACCSELerator and Benfatto Competition Prep Advisor Andrew Oye at Benfatto Enterprises, the Benfatto Classic Posing Academy coaches serious physique-sport athletes in the fine art of posing and presentation for the competitive bodybuilding stage.

A division of the Benfatto PPM Training Academy, the Benfatto Classic Posing Academy's mission is the preservation of classic aesthetics in the sport of bodybuilding.

From the Master of Physique Aesthetics Francis Benfatto, students learn proper technique, mandatory poses, and stage presence. From Bodybuilding Industry Creative Director Andrew Oye comes the "Art of War" Presentation Sessions on competitive posing..Learn more here.



Francis Benfatto, CEO of Benfatto Enterprises, CEO of Benfatto Nutrition (BN), Creator of Benfatto Progressive Performance Methodology (Benfatto PPM), Lifestyle Coach, Global Wellness Leader, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Classic Bodybuilding Legend, Physique Icon. |

Francis Benfatto is represented by Andrew Oye at ACCSELerator (Advanced Creative Consultant in Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle), VP, Global Director of Development, Creative Services + Marketing at Benfatto Enterprises, Benfatto PPM Training Academy.