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Disclaimers, Waivers + Terms

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The Benfatto PPM Training Academy (PPMTA) does not certify inexperienced individuals to become trainers. PPMTA certifies professional trainers to be practitioners of the Progressive Performance Methodology (PPM). PPMTA immerses future PPM Trainers in the PPM philosophy and best practices, offering the best opportunity to apply the principles to their work in the field and add a new technique to their repertoire of client services.

Per minimum requirements, academy enrollees must possess at least one (or some combination of) the following:

— CPT Certified Personal Trainer credentials (or a similar vocational title, such as Fitness Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, etc.) from another trainer-certification organization or association.

— An academic degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Health Science, Exercise Physiology, Sports Physiology, Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine or some other similar subject of study.

— Work experience in the field providing sports coaching or fitness training to clients in schools, universities, gyms, health centers, studios, camps, resorts, spas, or similar facilities or settings.     

Enrollees attest to prior, proper education or experience; however, as an academic institution not an employer or referral service, PPMTA cannot validate any trainer’s knowledge, skills or professionalism. To verify credentials before hiring a trainer, companies or clients should contact the governing certification organization with which the trainer is associated. To verify credentials before hiring a PPM Trainer, PPM Elite Trainer or PPM Master Trainer, contact PPMTA to validate the current status of a trainer’s active PPM certification registration.

Certified PPM Trainers operate as independent practitioners who, as usual, when working in the field are solely responsible for how they safely apply training techniques and for securing the necessary trainer insurance through their workplace or employer. PPMTA is not an employer of trainers. PPMTA is an institution for education that grants a certificate of course completion (which PPMTA verifies with a basic exam included with the manual.)    

PPMTA has ultimate authority over the introduction of the PPM via any third-party outlet. Any school, institution, company or professional organization interested in partnering with PPMTA to offer PPM courses as part of a curriculum or program must contact Benfatto Enterprises to seek permission and meet strict conditions.

There are absolutely NO refunds under any circumstances for any fees paid to enroll in the academy, obtain the trainer’s manual, take the certification exam, or maintain current certification. By submitting any payment, enrollees (and thereafter PPM Certified Trainers) acknowledge that they have thoroughly read and fully accept our complete Disclaimers, Waivers & Terms.


PPMTA merely offers educational information about methods and techniques. PPMTA is not responsible for how this information is applied. PPMTA makes no claims to medical expertise. All trainers must communicate to clients that it is the client’s responsibility to always be under the supervision of a licensed physician who is responsible for their medical care and dispensing professional medical advice to them.

No trainer or client currently or forever hereafter has any legal claim to any other service, product, compensation, responsibility, duty, or obligation from Benfatto Enterprises or any of its associates. By obtaining certification or by entering into a professional client-trainer training agreement, all trainers and clients (and their companies, associates and relatives) completely and unequivocally absolve PPMTA and Benfatto Enterprises and all of its companies, divisions, employees, associates and their relatives, now and in perpetuity, from any and all forms of liability, culpability or responsibility for their health, life, death, injury, property, livelihood, career, reputation, financial or legal ramifications, personal choices or any other major or minor loss or expense they may incur.

(*NOTE: Terms are subject to change without notice. Previous consent stands regardless of subsequent amendments.)

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