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I have always been interested in the aesthetic, beautiful physiques of the 1980s and 1990s bodybuilders like Francis Benfatto. So, in my training, I have always pursued what I believe to be the ideal -- a mix of size, symmetry, density and posing ability.


Francis Benfatto always represented the symmetry, the aesthetic, the beauty, the flowing proportions that characterized that era of bodybuilding. And Francis is admired today by many people coming up in the sport.  

When I was selecting a contest-prep coach, I looked at who I really respected and admired in the sport of bodybuilding, and Francis Benfatto's name was on the top of the list. Through a stroke of luck, I sent him an email, and he was really receptive to the idea. We started working together, and he has been training me using his PPM method, or Progressive Performance Methodology, which is his very unique training style.

In the most basic terms, Francis' method of training, the PPM, is a combination of time-under-tension with elements of progressive-overload training incorporated into it. To make this training effective, you need to focus on all of the elements of the movement...You need to focus on the precise implementation of all those pieces of the puzzle in order to complete your movement.


Before I started doing this training, I had always done a lot of different exercises and tried to hit different angles. But this PPM method emphasizes precise movements and taking each set to positive failure.


When I am closer to a contest, I have less energy and fewer expendable calories, so I really need to execute one exercise properly and [max out] on that one exercise. Earlier in my prep, when the calories are a bit higher and my body is not as stressed due to cardio, I can incorporate more movements, but I still need to focus on maximizing each individual movement. If you find that you're unable to complete additional exercises with the precise form then it is better to focus on one exercise and use proper execution.  


I recommend Francis as a prep coach. I have come a long way using the PPM, and I believe it is going to pay dividends for the future.


Jason Statler (28) Classic Bodybuilding Division Competitor

Wow...I am a lucky girl to have met Mr. Francis Benfatto. This is why I love my life in Marbella, Spain. I never know who will knock on my door to visit my fitness center. I used the Progressive Performance Methodology with the one and only legend, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Francis Benfatto, and he coached me in a leg workout. It was a fantastic session.

What I experienced is I didn't feel any stress, and that's really good for me. Also, I felt a different type of sensation in my legs. I could take my time with the exercise and that's really nice. Thank you so much for taking your time to come and show me your method. You really inspire me. I liked the PPM very much. I also do believe this will lead to improvement. I look forward to more training sessions with you.
Monica Claussen, Figure Division Competitor


It is with great pleasure to write this recommendation letter for my personal trainer Adele Benfatto. Her concerning nature and touch has made my training experience an absolute pleasure, and she helped develop a new attitude in me. Along with more confidence and drive to stay healthy, as I am a sufferer of a condition.

Her training method that she used is comfortable and I feel it doing “good” for my whole body. I feel that I am more functional now, I feel stronger, balanced and more secure when hiking the mountains which is something I love but stopped due to my previous physical weakness.

This training has changed my Life. Thank you for making me feel young again


Lorna de Beer (70), Business Owner


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I met Paul James a few years before he coached me. After I witnessed his progress over time and knowing his qualities and how passionate he is as a person, I immediately took the opportunity to be trained by him.


Bodybuilding was for me an uncharted territory, quite mysterious, and constituted of two types: conceited big guys and ashamed skinny guys (which I am one) who stare at themselves in the mirror. However, I deeply wanted to reconnect with my body and make it feel good to live in rather than wanting to flee it. I wanted to stop the inner voices saying I was and will forever be too thin. I also had the desire to be fully functional in life and in my daily activities.


This is where Paul’s approach was ideal. Through his teachings and one-on-one coaching, Paul managed to instill in my life discipline and a thirst for self-discovery and self-growth. Testing my muscular sensations, sometimes intense and uncomfortable, became liberating thanks to his support.  He fanned slowly my fire and my own body-power so often neglected for so long and sometimes never yet revealed. Everything made slowly sense to me thanks to Paul. His philosophy is human.

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