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PPM Seminar Attendee Registration

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This form is for seminars. Interested in registering for online certification to become a professional Certified PPM Trainer? Use the contact form here.


The next PPM Seminar will be announced soon. Stay tuned to this space for updates.

IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto and the Benfatto PPM Training Academy presents PPM Introductory Seminars to introduce the Progressive Performance Methodology to audiences seeking a new approach to training, and PPM Instructional Seminars to certify individuals to become professional PPM Trainers.

Contact us if you would like to host a PPM Seminar at your school, gym, health center, business convention, fitness expo, wellness retreat, bodybuilding contest, sports league or other event /venue.

Legendary IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto + Andrew Oye PPM Training Academy Founder Classic Posing Academy
Legendary IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto + Andrew Oye PPM Training Academy Founder Classic Posing Academy


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Thank you for your interest in the PPM Training Academy. To show our appreciation, attendees who register for a PPM Introductory Seminar automatically enter the pool of lucky people eligible to receive a great prize.

A BENFATTO PERFORMANCE PACK courtesy of Benfatto Nutrition includes our quality products and more special gifts for people who take health and fitness seriously. View BN's offerings here.

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